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“A good example is the best sermon.” English Proverb

A friend recently gave the best advice for following someone’s example.

“If you want what they have, you have to do what they do,” she said.

So when I heard author Jerry B. Jenkins speak at a conference about two of Billy Graham’s life-changing practices, I took notes.

  • Search the scriptures
  • Pray without ceasing

Jenkins helped write Billy Graham‘s autobiography Just As I Am. Dr. Graham told Jenkins he prayed non-stop ever since his salvation. Also, he opens his Bible daily and studies it.

When Jenkins looked around Dr. Graham’s office, there lay his open Bible.

Not that prayer and Bible study are new or unique suggestions – they just somehow felt more engaging after hearing a personal account about Dr. Graham.

About him putting into practice what I heard him preach when I was a little girl, watching his crusades on TV with my dad.

So, if I want what he has (thinking big here), I have to do what he does.

I also want to be like Jerry B. Jenkins, but for now, constant prayer and an open Bible sound easier than selling 60 million copies of anything.

Who do want to be like when you grow up?

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – I’ve been home from the conference for a couple of months. Here’s my progress report.

Search the scriptures – My Bible is lying open in my office. Today I read 2 Chronicles 7:3, “He (God) is good; his love endures forever.”

Pray without ceasing – The same friend who told me about following other’s example also said, “When you’re aware of God, every thought is a prayer.” Writing keeps me God-conscious, so maybe with enough blogging, I’ll end up like Billy Graham and Jerry B. Jenkins.


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