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Techy To-Do List:
Figure out Web site                                                   check
Figure out Facebook                                                 check
Figure out Blog                                                           okay
Figure out Twitter                                                      started
Figure out search engine optimization                yeah, right
Presenting myself professionally on the Web means working hard on the technical part of what I do.
It’s been a challenge.
Developing a Website and figuring out Facebook happened almost overnight. Past that, I was long on ideas, but short on know-how.
Paying someone wasn’t an option since I wasn’t sure what I was paying for. I didn’t know enough to ask questions, plus the sheer number of options was over-the-top. Friends were asking me about Twitter, Blogger, WordPress and Linkedin, so I knew better than to rely on them.
I had no idea what steps to take to promote an online presence, and no idea who to turn to for help.
That’s when I thought, “Pray about it.”
I argued with myself, “Pray about technology? I don’t think God is too concerned about blogging and tweeting.”
I blurted out a frustrated, garbled sentence that would be hard pressed to call a prayer. It was more like a whine aimed in God’s direction.
I felt ridiculous asking him to get involved in my online affairs, but it was already out there.
Days after my half-hearted petition, a friend who was visiting from out of town offered to help set up my blog. She thought it’d be fun to share ideas and links.
The next week, I received an acceptance letter from a magazine that wanted an article about social networking. Research landed me on Edie Melson’s site, where she posts social media tips like step-by-step instructions for Twitter. When I asked if she’d serve as a resource for the story, she said “yes.” Edie directed me to one of the largest social media and technology news sources in the world. Mashable offers step-by-step instructions, right down to how-to articles about spelling technology.
That’s an exaggeration, but not by much.
By the time I got my feet wet, I was invited to join a local networking group. That invitation led to joining an international networking group that meets online.
I guess asking God to help wasn’t so ridiculous after all. 
Have you thought about asking for help from the best?
WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – I’m still taken aback that God cares about my social networking and having an online presence, but I’m no longer questioning that he does.
On the lighter side:
How’d Mashable get its name? I figured I was right, you do mash computer buttons instead of press them. But that’s not it. Pete, Mashable’s start-up guy, says, “The site was named to reflect the growing Web mashups trend that was creating a Web not of sites but of interlinked applications.  It’s a trend that’s only grown with the APIs of sites like Twitter. These apps are ‘mashable’.”
Thanks to Mashable for permission to use their image. Thanks to Tamar Weinberg, Community Support and Advertising Manager for, for passing the answer along about Mashable’s name. I wish I understood it. 

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