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"I think that maybe if women and children were in charge we would get somewhere." James Thurber (Photo from iStock)

“If you can’t control your peanut butter, you can’t expect to control your life.” Bill Watterson, author of Calvin and Hobbs  (Photo from iStock)

Out of charge.

It’s the Energizer Bunny retiring for the day.

No, it’s a charge card over the limit.

No, it’s me when really I want to be in charge.

The urge to take control was there the minute I hung up from talking to our daughter.

She was walking into the dentist’s office to have an infected wisdom tooth removed. I tried to share as much comfort as I could to calm her and to calm myself.

When the person in the car behind me honked, I realized I was holding up traffic at the green light.

It’s times like these these that act as reality checks for being “out of charge.” 

At the light, I thought “One minute things can be fine, and the next, life can be turned upside down.”

Also I thought “How powerless I am over what happens around me, which makes time with loved ones both fragile and valuable.”

I surprised myself with all this reflection over a wisdom tooth. Wonder if that’s where it derived its name?

Ever have those moments when being “out of charge” really hits home?

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – Sometimes it feels scary to recognize we’re “out of charge.” It’s also strangely comforting when I realize who is.

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