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After: Kitchen floor

After: Kitchen floor

Before: Kitchen floor

Before: Kitchen floor

Of all the things I’ve done in my life, renovating homes has landed in the top two as being the most challenging, fulfilling, exasperating, exciting, and panic and passion-producing.

I’ve also probably learned more from my homes than just about anything or anyone. They’ve been a friend one day and a frustration the next.

I’ve laughed out loud because of them and, the next day, bawled my eyes out. We’ve sometimes had a love /hate relationship. I’ve sold a dream house and bought a dump. We have one by the beach and one near a mountaintop.

Every fixer-upper has lived up to the reputation of being “a money pit,” but not one of our six homes has ever let me down. 

They’ve been there every evening, warm fire in the winter and breezy fans in the summer, they speak up when they need something, quietly listen while I babble on and read aloud, and offer inspiration I may not have found by myself. They have felt safe. I always relate to them since they’re never finished, usually a mess, and creative in their own ways.

One of our homes was featured in This Old House magazine in 2008. Last week, our son’s and girlfriend’s home renovation was featured on This Old House’s blog. Our daughter and her fiancé are the ones who redid the tile floor in the pictures on this blog.

We’re a family of DeWalt-buying, Lowe’s-on-a-date-night going, caulk using, tool carrying, tile laying fixer-uppers.

What runs in your family?

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – It seems we’ve passed on our heart for homes in need of tender loving care. Who knew the homes would give it right back? Thank you, God, that we’re a family renovated.

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