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What'd you say?

What’d you say? (Photo from iStock)

I’m not talking about a child’s handprints like you might surmise from the title, but my own dirty fingers – the ones that typed on the wrong keys and, oh, my …

I wouldn’t think of repeating the word that ended up smack dab in the middle of my laptop screen and center-stage the sweetest story about cupcakes.

I must have spent five minutes trying to figure out what I meant to type, what word would have mistakenly ended up spelling that word. I never did track down the accomplice.

While I was tracking, I was also replaying my Psychology 101 days. I did a quick review of analyzing by Sigmund Freud. who said our subconscious breaks through at unexpected times to give hints to what is going on deep inside us.

You’ve probably heard of Freudian slips, like saying “Sorry you had to stay” instead of “Sorry you have to go.” According to Freud, the slip came about because the visitor overstayed his welcome. Freud would theorize the first response as the true one.

I thought about my dirty little fingers. Was the first word I typed the true one? If so, what did it mean? 

Maybe I hate cupcakes? No, that couldn’t be.

I hate my new keyboard? I hate writing? I hate my life?

Then it came to me, maybe I think too much. Maybe I made a mistake when I was typing because, like I said, my fingers were on the wrong keys.

Do you overanalyze when life would be simpler if you didn’t?

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – Lighten up, will you?

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