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“The devil made me do it.” Flip Wilson

In our grocer’s bakery section, displayed in a glass along with other sweets, is the coast’s version of a Covered Wagon, a chocolate dessert only available, as far as we know, at McFarlan’s Bake Shop in Hendersonville, N.C.

The local knockoff is a close second to the original, and for sale close to home, which makes it almost as appealing.

Only thing is, the name is disturbing.

So disturbing that my husband asked, “Is that what they really call it?”

“Yeah. Why?”

He checked the container, as if I could make up a name like that.

Devil Dog, printed in black and white on the sticky label that sealed the box.

Those sweet little Covered Wagons traveled south, got bigger, and along the way, apparently earned a bad reputation. No other explanation for a name like Devil Dog.

Chocolate cake topped with dark chocolate icing. Full with white marshmallowy cream, and topped with a pink rose. Pretty to look at, even better to eat. And I’m sure, bad for you.

But devil dog bad?

Maybe so since chocolate is my addiction. I eat it to stuff uncomfortable feelings further down.To fill a void that feels bottomless. To keep from feeling at all.

If eating chocolate worked, I’d be the poster child.

Instead, emotional eating is a quick fix in the kitchen to something inside us that’s not so easy to fix.

So, that means I’m giving up chocolate? No, but I am more aware of why I eat. Chances are I’m munching my way through pain that chocolate can’t make go away.

How about you? Do you have habits that are devil dog bad?

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – During cravings, I’ll think twice before eating chocolate, and twice as much about what’s going on with me.

I have something for you!


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