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“If it’s God’s will, he maintains it. If it’s your will, you maintain it.”
Anonymous (Artwork by Kelly Rae Roberts)

As good as feels to be paid for my writing, I’m questioning if 20 plus magazine, newspaper and website articles a month is what God had in mind when together we set out on this writing path.
The post about busyness got me thinking whether I’ve traded our partnership for a sole proprietorship.
I’ll take almost any writing job that offers a chance to research and put together an interesting article. The past few months, assignments have snowballed alongside offers to teach writing classes, and a mention here and there about editing.
All good stuff, right? Except the few things that have slowed considerably lately like God’s nudges, inspiration, and the secure feeling of his guidance.
I guess I’ve been too preoccupied to notice. But still, I don’t want to slow down.
And why not?
Because busy makes me feel productive and paychecks sometimes feel more reliable than God.
Because it takes more effort to change than to keep down the busy path I’m on. Plus, uncertainty is uncomfortable.
Because I feel in control when I’m busy, and right now I’ve got life under control (laughable, I know).
Mostly, I’m not sure I can muster the faith it’ll take for an updated assignment, not from an editor, but from God.
WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – “If it’s God’s will, he maintains it. If it’s your will, you maintain it,” said a friend. In that case, unless I’m into high maintenance, mustering faith to slow down and listen is the only choice.
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