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“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” Winston Churchill

Funny thing is, when I posted the quote on Facebook, I typed, “Attitude is a little think that makes a big difference.”

I’m not suggesting we alter Sir Churchill’s words, but how big a blunder is this, really?

Our attitude typically is determined by our feelings, and our feelings by our thoughts.

You’ve probably heard the phrase “stinking thinking.” Those “little thinks” can become a big stinkin’ attitude in no time, and the other way around when we’re thinking positive.

As difficult as they are to change, disparaging thoughts racing about are as destructive as a runaway train. Each one of us is accountable even when it seems impossible to control our negativity.


It takes practice. It’s also easier to release a reckless thought when replaced by a reassuring one.

During the period when our daughter dated a questionable character, my head conjured up all sorts of unsettling ideas. Sometimes I couldn’t adjust and my attitude went haywire right along with my head. My thinking led to a few disagreeable moments in our home. Most times, though, I quieted my thoughts by asking for help, “God, calm my fears and guide her choices.”

Years later, she shared that her breakup with the guy happened faster because her dad and I were supportive.

Do you have thoughts that need reining in?

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – Enough right “thinks” and you’ve got yourself a well-thought-of attitude.

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