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“I’m not writing to maximize my SEO or conversion or even my readership.” Seth Godin

So, why does Seth Godin blog? 

Reading his quote (under the picture) makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

I’m writing to do justice to the things I notice, to the ideas in my head and to the people who choose to read my work,” he said.

I read this and swooned.

Recently I took my husband into my confidence. I told him I wanted to blog like author and entrepreneur Seth Godin. Instead of writing to the business world, I’ll aim my posts at people in search of humor and inspiration. Seth, of course, inspires and humors, but these two would be my primary focus. Instead of business writing, I’ll appeal to readers on a personal level.

Admit it, I’ve already made you laugh.

I get tickled myself over my bigger-than-life-sized dream, which makes me want it more.

I’m practicing putting my ambitions on paper since experts say writing down our goals works.

Here it is: When my writing grows up, I’m going to blog with humor and inspiration the way Seth Godin blogs about business and marketing.

For now, I can learn from him.

I figure by the number of daily posts he writes, he has a million ideas in his head. I know the feeling so we’ve got that in common. I believe like he does that it is my responsibility to write. And most of the time, just like Seth, I disagree that we have to follow along just because people make up a bunch of rules. Seth Godin’s post about blogging by the rules says it best.

One of my readers asked if I knew Seth personally, probably because I quote and post about him almost weekly. I don’t, but still the question brightened my day, and I took it as a sign.

What is one of your outrageous goals? Come on, I told you one of mine.

Write it down so it has a better chance of coming true.

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – I’m one blog post closer to being like Seth since this one is “doing justice to the ideas in my head.”

I have something for you!


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