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“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” Joseph Campbell (Photo from iStock)

“I noticed you haven’t been blogging. Any reason?” emailed a writer friend a couple of weeks ago.

I had not posted on my blog in April, not one single time.

Yep, there was a reason. I contracted a terrible case of blog envy.

I’m not sure when it began, but in March I posted I wanted to write like author and entrepreneur Seth Godin.

Next, Tiffany Stuart’s blog, full of awe-inspiring photographs, heartfelt prose, and gratitude lists caught my attention.

A couple of months ago, I stumbled onto Heather Kopp’s blog, SoberBoots.

By the time I finished reading Heather’s first post, I wished my stumbling was the result of being a recovering alcoholic. I wanted to write like her.

And that’s not everyone.

In fact, if you’re a writer, I’ve likely envied your writing as well.

Needless to say, I got blogged down.

Instead of doing what made sense and following (instead of envying) their example, I hoped for a gift I don’t have – impersonation. I tried quoting scripture like Tiffany, rewrote this blog post several times to imitate Heather’s poignant style, and attempted to mimic Seth’s matter-of-fact writing.

I have six or seven completed posts, each one in someone else’s voice. You couldn’t (and wouldn’t want to) pay me money to post any of them. They sound silly.

I was so focused on others’ talents for writing, I lost sight of my own.

Do you ever get like this? Please tell me you have, at least once.

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – Dear God, help me remember I want to learn from others, not be them.

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