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Today’s guest post is by friend and author Beth K. Vogt. I’m not sure when our paths crossed online, but I’m delighted they did. Since then, Beth and I have found we have much in common from falling on our faces (specifically our noses) to becoming first-time grandmas to baby girls in July. I’m happy to have Beth here today, sharing her story about changed plans and promoting her latest book, Catch a Falling Star. 

Also, I’m honored to be guest posting about changed plans on Beth Vogt’s blog, so please stop by there too.

Unknown-1Here is Beth’s story – 

I have no one to blame but myself.

What did I expect when I decided to write Catch a Falling Star, a book that wrestles with the question “What do you do when life doesn’t go according to plan?”

Wait. I know what I expected: to wreak havoc on my imaginary characters’ lives – and then resolve all the conflict by the time I typed “The End.” Not that everything would be wrapped up neatly with a virtual bow – I try to write realistic fiction – but there would be growth and acceptance and some sort of happily-ever-afters.

The problem?

All the ways my life didn’t go according to my preferred plans this past year.  Here’s a glimpse of how my life went off-course while I aimed for a deadline:

  • Vertigo knocked me off-kilter again.
  • My computer crashed – never a good thing, but especially inconvenient when I’m editing on deadline.
  • The Waldo Canyon Fire forced my family to evacuate our home just weeks before our daughter’s wedding. (Her wedding dress was the first thing loaded into her car.)
  • Tension erupted with extended family. (Pardon me for being vague. Sometimes vague is best.)

Catch-a-Falling-Star-bookcoverDid I really expect that I was exempt from answering the “What are you going to do?” question I threw at Kendall and Griffin, the main characters in Catch a Falling Star?

No. But if God had whispered in my ear “Hey, Beth – your plans for your life? They line up completely with my plans for your life” I would have breathed a huge sigh of relief and said thank you.

I’ve learned a lot of different lessons as I’ve squared off with vertigo, computer melt-down, a forest fire, and family friction. But there’s one truth that surpasses all the rest: God is at work even when I don’t see anything happening. 

My first reaction when life spins out of my control is to figure out a way – my way – to make things right again. But I’m learning to keep my hands off of circumstances beyond my control. To pray. To act – or wait. And if waiting is what is needed, to believe that God is working to change me and to change anyone else involved.

Life will sometimes go according to my plans – and sometimes it won’t. And I choose to believe that God’s involved with both – rather than assuming I’m on my own when my plans are derailed. Just because I’m surprised by what happened doesn’t mean God is.

How do you handle life when it resists going according to your plans and dreams? What lessons have you learned from a time when your life took a detour?

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Beth K. Vogt believes God’s best is often behind the doors marked “Never.” Despite being a nonfiction writer and editor who said she’d never write fiction, Beth’s second inspirational contemporary romance novel, Catch a Falling Star, releases May 2013 from Howard Books. Beth is also the Skills Coach for My Book Therapy (MBT), best-selling author Susan May Warren’s writing community.

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