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“We must all suffer from one of two pains: The pain of discipline or the pain of regret.” Jim Rohn

On day three of my 100-day plan, I shared my word for 2021 and a friend shared his, accountability.

Reading his comment made me think I might need to incorporate a second word into my plan. Discipline is difficult for me unless I’m accountable. Even then, I’m not above telling white lies about my writing. 

After all, who am I letting down? 

Just me and the One who Loves me so much that He traded His son’s life for my life so that I could live and write. I’m not sure how I got so comfortable minimizing my destiny to the point that it’s okay not to do it and okay to lie and say I am.

This week, on day 30 of Kirk Cameron’s Great American Revival, I broke down and cried like a baby. In that bittersweet moment, I got to feel my regret for not writing and taste a little bit of victory because I’m writing now. Here’s his quote that surfaced a dozen emotions inside me. I’m grateful I’m not still on the sidelines, depressed and not doing my part. 

He said, “I can’t say I have the best plan, but I can’t sit back and do nothing, and I’m so glad we’re together for this 100-day plan because it involves the things I know are the most powerful world-changing forces – prayer, giving thanks and praise to the one who made and blessed us, and remembering the mighty deeds of God.” 

Dear Jesus, thank you that somehow you got me off the sofa and writing. Help me to keep on. Give me strength to resist resistance and stamina to stick with daily disciplines. I’m grateful beyond words for my blog readers who hold me accountable. Let me be like them, someone’s cheerleader who You’re trying to coax off the couch – not because You need us, but because we desperately need to experience the freedom we feel when we obey You. In Your sweet name, so be it.  

Let me know if there’s a way I can encourage and help with your plan, whether it’s 100 days or not. I’d be happy to write about almost any subject you suggest. I like to research, find quotes, and muddle through tough topics with good friends. 

In This Together,

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