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The Mayflower Compact begins, “In the name of God, Amen.” 

The compact was the first governing document of Plymouth Colony, signed unanimously in 1620 by the Puritans, merchants, and adventurers while still aboard the boat. 

Until I tuned into Kirk Cameron’s American Campfire Revival on Facebook, all that came to mind when I heard “Mayflower Compact” was black and white outfits, tall hats, and turkey. Kirk shed a whole different light on the history of the compact that’s about His story and us being accountable to Him.  

I believe God is raising up Bible believers, preachers, and teachers like Cameron, Prophet Jim Reilly who prophesies around the Southeast, and my church’s pastor JP Miller to turn our country back to the God of accountability. We were never meant to roam around aimlessly and undisciplined or take care of others who do the same. 

These three men, and leaders like them, hold us accountable, not to what they say and believe, but to what God says and commands. I’ve heard all three of them say, “This isn’t my opinion, it’s what God said in the Bible.”

There’s been a shift in accountability, though. Biblical principles we once honored have gotten flipped upside down.

Parents explain to their children. School administrators and teachers answer to parents. Doctors, counselors, and business owners respond to threats from lawyers. Writers censor what might be canceled. Ministers answer to their congregations, not to God.

Those of us who trained for and answered a call on our lives should be accountable to the One who called us, not to people who want their way. When I taught school, us teachers came up with the same solution again and again, get back to the basics. 

It’s the same for our country … “In the name of God, Amen.”

If we want to do our parts, we have to ask ourselves this question daily about our work, our families, and our other activities, “Who am I accountable to?”

How about you?

In This Together,

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