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“True revival is that divine moment when God bursts upon the scene and displays His glory.”  Del Fehsenfeld Jr. 

Here’s a list of synonyms from Miriam Webster Dictionary for revival: rebirth, regeneration, rejuvenation, renewal, resurgence, resurrection, resuscitation, revitalization, revivification. 

I felt more alive simply reading through the words that describe what I want more of daily – more renewal, more rejuvenation, more revitalization. 

The word revival reminds me of growing up in a Baptist church in a small town in the South. We had at least one revival a year. It lasted all week long. We’d listen every night to a fiery sermon that got people up and out of their seats during altar call. 

I held my breath for that part of the service, hoping someone would go forward. Someone always did. Even though I was young, I felt stirred when men and women walked to the front. Some of them cried. Some knelt. Some hugged people all the way up the aisle and back. 

It’s been years since I’ve been in a Baptist church, but not since I’ve felt that revival feeling. 

A year ago almost to the day, I ended up in a low place – the kind of low that leads us to desperate prayers, that leads us to Jesus, that leads us to revival. I didn’t only need a revival at church, but in my marriage, with my children and grandchildren, in my writing, in the way I lived daily. I have two notebooks full of ways God showed up last year for a personal revival, which is where revival begins … in the hearts of God’s people. 

I’m in a church where I’m stirred by every song and sermon. The same happens nightly when I sign into Facebook to attend Kirk Cameron’s American Campfire Revival. I’m revived on Wednesdays when I listen to Karen Wheaton’s Front Porch Friends. The nights I tune into Redemption Press with my friend Athena Dean Holtz. When I connect with readers on here. And the first time I heard CAIN sing Revival.  

Revival Now. Don’t Miss It.  
I’m praying I’m part of a much bigger Revival alongside friends, my church, our community, and throughout our country. I hope you’ll pray with me. I want us side-by-side as God bursts upon the scene and displays His glory. I believe it’s happening now. 

I’d love to hear your revival stories. Here’s a quick minute and a half from Taylor in CAIN, The Story Behind Revival

In This Together, 

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