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A church friend would read my title and say, “What does everything leave out?” 


Last January, about three months before the world shut down, I decided to attempt a no shopping year. I planned to only buy groceries and other essentials throughout 2020. 

My hash tag on Facebook was #noshopping2020 or something like that. I didn’t use it for long because the challenge ended in March. It’s easy to not shop when all the shops are closed. 

A friend joked, “So the lockdown was your fault.” 

Here’s the funny part, I think God really is in every little detail. Of course, I don’t think 2020’s fiasco happened because of my decision to stop shopping. However, I do think God was somehow involved in my #noshopping2020. 

Go ahead, roll your eyes. I can’t help myself. This is how I think.  

I remember a friend telling me about finding matching sweat suits for her family of five – all the right sizes in the same color. She said, “They just happened to be the only sweat suits on the rack.” 

 “It’s so like God to make that happen,” I said. 

“You’re taking this God thing way too far. I don’t think He cares about my shopping.” 

After her comment, I reined in my enthusiasm about God being involved in everything. 

That was, until God kept being involved in everything.

What does everything leave out? 


My daughter and son-in-law married at a state park in the mountains, which made flower delivery nearly impossible to coordinate until a friend mentioned an online site for fresh flower. They delivered several large boxes of sunflowers to our remote mountain house, and waived the shipping charge. 

On the day of their wedding, her contact lens went missing (a story for another blog post). Her future sister-in-law just happened to wear the same prescription and she had an extra pair.

When we realized I left behind the dragonfly necklace my daughter planned to wear, sentimental because of her late grandfather, our son volunteered to drive quite a ways back to our house to get it. I told him to bring my jewelry bag because I was sure that’s where I left the necklace. He just happened to bring my purse too, which is where it really was. 

If you need more convincing, I have more stories about God being in every single detail of every single day of everything. 

What does everything leave out? 


I bet you have stories too. We’d love to hear them.

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