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“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” Theodore Roosevelt

Kirk Cameron began a 100-day plan for his American Campfire Revival. We’re on day 77. We meet online every evening for about 20 minutes. Around day 25, I had the thought to do my part by blogging every day for the next 100.

My decision sounded overwhelming because the 100 days included our month-long move. The new place was only a block away, but getting moved still involved a lot of work. I was afraid I’d use the move and anything I could think of as excuses to stop writing. 

I understood Kirk keeping on with his goal. He has tens of thousands of people counting on him night after night. Without that kind of following, I tried to convince myself to give up or at least take off some time. 

It reminded me of our trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I was terrified of heights and thought up every justification to feel good about bowing out of the hike with my husband and children. However, it seemed that walking through my fear was as much about faith in God as it was about walking the trail with my family. 

Honoring what I believe God asked me to do – write for 100 days – mattered to God, to me, and to a few friends who said the posts help and offer hope. Again I tried to justify not keeping on, but my commitment to you, myself, and God’s kept me writing. 

It’s turned out that 50 days flew by. I can hardly believe we’re at our halfway point. Writing’s gotten easier by the day and so has thinking up topics to write about. 

The best part is my Faith flourished every time I published a blog post instead of giving in to giving up. God made it easier than I expected. Y’all made it fun and fulfilling. I made it through every day to post one more. Thank you, thank you.

Here’s to another 50.   

Do you have something important that you’re considering doing, but you’re afraid you won’t follow through? Reach out to God and friends for help and be a friend to yourself and do it. I know, I know, it’s easier for me to say now that I’m halfway finished. 

In This Together, 

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