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“If you have to eat two frogs, eat the ugliest one first.”

“This is another way of saying that if you have two important tasks before you, start with the biggest, hardest, and most important task first.” Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done In Less Time by Brian Tracy

I’ve quoted Brian Tracy for years, “Eat that frog!” I’ve followed his advice about a third of the time with my work. That is, until recently. I began writing daily again like I did a decade ago when it was my livelihood. It feels really good to be back in the habit. 

It gets easier even though a frog still has to be eaten every single day. It reminds me of rescuing our dog Hannah when we didn’t have a fence around the yard. I hated picking up after her for about a week, then I got used to it. 

Sunday seemed like a day of exception to frog-eating because it’s a day of rest, but I still have to shower for church. I’m actually grateful for the early morning schedule because, on the other six days, I put off showering and make it a chore.  

But why? I feel so good when I’m finally cleaned up and dressed in fresh clothes. After a shower, I feel more awake and ready for my day whether I take it at 7 a.m. or I wait until the afternoon. There’s a ripple effect, especially when I shower early, because I’m more motivated to take my daily walk, run errands, work in the yard, as well as accomplish more writing.  

Until I finally take it, having to shower hangs over my head. When I finally eat that frog and step out of the shower, I feel like the choir sings and my days begins. In fact, my kids used to make fun of me because they said when they’d hear me open the shower curtain, I’d sigh really loud. 

It’s interesting that the frogs we need to eat don’t have to be professional goals or even big goals. Frogs can be as simple as a daily shower, and what a difference it makes for the rest of the day.

One of my daily “frogs” from now on is to be in the shower by 10 a.m. I’m writing it down here. I’ll probably be ridiculous about it the first week or so and get in at 9:59, but, hey, the frog will be eaten in the nick of time.  

What’s your frog? What can you do to make it easier to eat daily?

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