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“To give good advice, you have to make bad mistakes.” Unknown

If we’ve tried to do things our way again and again and it hasn’t worked for a decade or two or three, it’s probably never going to work. That’s how I came up with this list of bad advice. They began as good ideas … that ended up not working.

Bad Advice #1: Figure It Out

If you could read my thoughts, you’d know I spend way too much time trying to figure out things. “Figure it out” isn’t one of the Ten Commandments. It isn’t encouraged anywhere in the Bible. It reaps anguish instead of answers. All that happens when I try to figure it out (whatever “it” is) is I end up feeling panicked and way out of sorts.

Faith that God will work it out is the antidote to “figure it out.” 

Bad Advice #2: Focus On People

The Bible says love people. It doesn’t say focus on them. If we give up our focus on God to focus on people, we make them our gods. When we focus on God, we’re more likely to live in peace and live our purpose.

Focusing on God is the antidote to focusing on people. 

Bad Advice #3: Fix People 

We say we’re helping people, but too often we set out to fix them (fix who they are) instead of fixing them a meal or fixing their car. Helping is a good thing as long as we don’t resort to trying to control our family and friends. 

Serving people is the antidote to fixing people. 


When a friend saw me running myself in circles, he said, “Why don’t you try doing the opposite of what you’re doing now?” Now that’s good advice.

What opposite behavior do you need to begin today? 

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