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“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”
Martin Luther King Jr. 

Thanks to every single one of you who read along and anyone who is just now checking out our 100 days. I appreciate your blog comments, messages, texts, and Facebook comments and shares, as well as your support and simply being wonderful friends.

I’ll be back in two to three weeks to begin a new series. I’ll post four days a week. I hope to see you then. Love y’all! 

In This Together,

  1. Challenged @ Kirk Cameron’s American Campfire Revival – read about where this all began
  2. If … Then – do our part of if/then verses in the Bible
  3. My Word for 2021 – Discipline – discipline matters  
  4. Just One – one person matters
  5. The Most Important One – focus on God, the One
  6. Accountability – answer to someone  
  7. Resistance Is The Devil – overcome resistance 
  8. Back to the Basics – be accountable only to God
  9. Don’t Get Busy – don’t get busy unless it’s on purpose and for God’s purpose
  10. Getting Over Being Whelmed – get over being overwhelmed
  11. Does Time Heal? – spend time with Jesus to heal 
  12. The Tragedy of Having to Grow Up – grow up anyway
  13. How To Change Yourself and Others – changed by Jesus, the only life changer
  14. Do The Hard Thing – do the hard thing first instead of the easy thing
  15. Do The Right Thing – do the right thing which is what He’s called us to do
  16. Write Naked – do whatever it takes to accomplish our purpose
  17. Do It Uncomfortable – stop letting discomfort stop us
  18. Create Space – leave space between us and others
  19. Wait 24 Hours – wait before reacting
  20. Everybody’s Shot, Get In The Truck and Drive – forgive and move on because we’re all hurting
  21. You Can’t Steal A Blessing – don’t force good stuff to happen
  22. Revival In Our Living Rooms and Pulpits – get ready for a personal and national revival
  23. No News Is Good News – go to the Bible for our daily news
  24. The Problem with Pledging A Purpose –tested to build our faith 
  25. What’s This? Manna?, part 1 – baffled by blessings that don’t look like blessings
  26. What’s This? A Prayed for Provision and God a Pandemic, part 2 – put Jesus first after we’re blessed by blessings that don’t look like blessings 
  27.  What’s This? The Blessing of Quail and Oysters, part 3 – blessed by God even more than we want the blessings 
  28. The Three of Us (Body, Soul, and Spirit) – made up of three parts
  29. Don’t Miss the Revival – bring on revival even when we don’t know we need it
  30. Shut Up, Job – stop talking to people, talk to God
  31. Job and His Attitude – learn from Job and don’t wait until chapter 42 to change our attitudes 
  32. What Job Did Right – praise God’s name the same as Job 
  33. The God Of Everything – know that God cares about every detail of everything
  34. Altar Call – accept Jesus as your savior and best friend
  35. We the People Love the People – speak Love like in the Bible, the 10 Commandments, and The Preamble to the United States Constitution
  36. Victim Never Heal – don’t give into feeling sorry for ourselves
  37. 1 Thessalonians 4:11, Lead a Quiet Life, part 1 
  38. 1 Thessalonians 4:11, Mind Your Own Business, part 2
  39. 1 Thessalonians 4:11, Work With Your Hands, part 3
  40. A Baby Changes Everything – change because of our own babies and a baby named Jesus
  41. What Message Are We Sending? – set examples instead of preaching sermons
  42.  Faith Requires Feet – walk out our faith
  43. I Am Who You Say I Am, part 1 – read the list of who God says we are
  44. I Am Who You Say I Am, part 2 – listen to God, not man
  45. I Am Who You Say I Am, part 3 – live out who He says we are
  46. Celebrate an Empty Tomb in a Full Church – celebrate a personal resurrection because of Jesus’ resurrection
  47. You Have One Job – live out The Great Commission 
  48. I Doubt It – admit our doubt and know it’s part of our faith
  49.  What Not Believe? believe even if it’s hard for you; it can’t hurt and you just might end up in Heaven because of it
  50. Halfway To More Faithful – do what God asks you to do and watch your faith grow
  51. Rose-Colored Glasses in Relationships – love and be kind to people, but accept I can’t like the unlikable
  52. Really Read Your Bible – read our Bibles, really
  53. Influence Your People – influence those around us
  54. Jesus By Example – set an example instead of giving advice
  55. Really Pray – pray, really
  56. Really Forgive, part one (why forgive?) – forgive everyone who’s hurt us and forgive every single thing they’ve done to us
  57.  Really Forgive, part two (how to forgive) – ask for help to forgive
  58.  Really Forgive, part three (the beauty of forgiveness) – forgive and we do our part to bring heaven to earth
  59. Have A Plan – plan to help God “heavenize” the world 
  60. Waiting On God: It’s Funny How We Think We’re the Ones Being Patient – do something besides holding up God’s plan 
  61. Fix You, Fix the World – work on ourselves so the world is a better place
  62. What About God and Fun? – have fun and make our world more like Heaven
  63. What About Fun and Freedom? – free ourselves to have fun; fun will set us freer
  64. Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Paper – focus on your own life 
  65. What’s Your “Paper”? – decide what God’s called you to do
  66. Hang Up (all about boundaires) – set boundaries 
  67. Weird About Jesus – talk about what He’s done for us
  68. Don’t Tangle with That Tree Again (pride in the garden) – accept that we’re not going to understand everything and keep believing in God
  69. God Told Me …, (hearing from Him), part 1 – practice hearing from God
  70. God Told Me … (a still small voice), part 2 – listen for His whispers
  71. God Told Me … (is it okay to get loud?), part 3 – live out loud 
  72. And I Quote … – be inspired by the list of inspirational quotes 
  73. 100th Day of the American Campfire Revival – read about revival and get involved
  74. Why’s It So Hard to Get In the Shower? – stop procrastinating and do the hard thing first
  75. We Made It To Day 75 (believing in ourselves) – believe in ourselves because we believe in Him
  76. Cherish Our Women Friends – value our friends 
  77. Console Our Women Friends – be available to our friends 
  78. Celebrate Our Women Friends – be excited for our friends
  79. Delivered In A Day – trust God’s way and His timing 
  80. Who Gets Credit? – give God the credit for whatever’s good in our lives
  81. Figure It Out, Focus On People, and Other Bad Advice – stop following bad advice no matter how much we want it to work
  82. Housekeepers or Keepers Of Our Homes? – know our value as women and keep our homes well
  83. Reading and Studying the Bible Just Got Easier – read and listen to an excellent Bible overview
  84. He Doesn’t Remove It, He Brings Us Through It – walk with the Holy Spirit through our problems 
  85.  My Plan For the Rest of 2021 – make a plan and follow it
  86. What People Think of You – serve people who we think are thinking about us and the ones who aren’t 
  87. We Don’t Know Easy – be kind because we all struggle 
  88. We Know That We Know That We Know –don’t act like we don’t know what God wants us to do
  89. I’m Killing It – kill off what we’re afraid of and live life
  90. What They Say, What God Says – listen to the Holy Spirit more than to family and friends 
  91. Forgive So I’ll Be Forgiven (by my children) – forgive even though I don’t understand everything about it 
  92. We Could All Use a Farming Lesson (about sowing and reaping) – plant what we want to harvest, sow what we want to reap in our lives and from our people 
  93. Defend Yourself No More – stop defending ourselves, pray instead
  94. Three Truths To Live By – live by them and love our lives
  95. What’s Better Than Being Good? – stop trying to be good and come alive
  96.  I’m Rocking My Way Back to You, God – rock our faith 
  97. God Isn’t A Goal – don’t treat God like a goal, but a relationship
  98. Let Sweetness Begin With Me – practice sweetness instead of bitterness
  99. Juggling the Struggle – struggling is inevitable, but we don’t have to compound it 
  100. Our 100 Days In One Blog Post – the title and overview of each post

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