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Blogging my manuscript seemed the only way I’d finally edit it and turn it into a publishable piece of writing. So far, it’s in pieces parts, some complete, some barely begun. I have hundreds of pieces of paper with notes on them, ten or more full notebooks, dozens of half-written stories, and three completed chapters that I’m glad I never posted because they’re so dramatic.

My first idea for a book came to me 20 years ago. I intended for it to be a parenting book about raising teens. It ended up an inspirational book titled Wow, What A Ride!: Learning From Our Kids as They Grow Into Young Adults. From the subtitle, you can tell it was about my lessons, not theirs. This one’s the only manuscript I completed. I received numerous rejections and should have. It was bad. 

Next, there was Getting Your Own Life While Loving the People in It … except I didn’t have my own life.  

Where Do You Go To Cry? was about hiding our emotions, why we do it, and why we shouldn’t. 

Similarly, For Crying Out Loud: Get Out of the Closet and On with Life was about feeling our feelings, dealing with our emotions, and healing … except I didn’t heal much from doing what I wrote about. 

I went almost full circle back around to the idea about getting our own lives and wrote about finding and living our purpose … except I didn’t have much experience or much to say since I wasn’t sure about my own purpose. 

Finally, while reading a book about God’s grace, it dawned on me that trying hard was the only topic in which I could call myself an expert and write about easily without feeling like a failure. I’d done it well even though it landed me on my knees. 

On The Other Side of Trying Hard: Healing, Happiness, and Holiness is my working title. I’ll be posting most Mondays through Thursdays until the manuscript is complete. The blog posts may not flow like chapters, but I’ll organize it along the way. I’m hopeful the information will help someone anyway. I know it’ll help me to get it on paper.

I’d love to hear your suggestions, questions, and ideas – any kind of constructive comments when you feel like giving them. I’m excited to begin. 

In This Together,

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