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“Always have something to look forward to.” Tony Robbins

My friend’s explanation about her parents’ divorce seemed simplified, but her insight made a big impression when she said, “I think my dad and mom split up because they didn’t have anything to look forward to anymore.” 

Her parents let go of season tickets, the ones they purchased every year for decades, at their alma mater. No more looking forward to tailgating with friends. No more teaming up together to watch the games. No more cheering for touchdowns by their favorite football team.

I don’t know if God’s a football fan, but He’s a fan of having something to look forward to. The Bibles says so in Proverbs 13:12, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”

I used to think my list of things I look forward to should be more exciting. I like day trips better than boarding a plane for overseas. I choose hamburgers over steaks when my husband and I eat out. I drive long distances for my favorite chocolate malt.

I also used to think I should be trying harder rather than counting on Him. Work outshined wonder and trying hard outdid sitting still. I always heard that God helps those who help themselves. I think it’s more like God helps those who believe, listen, and work with Him.

Just like I was confused about “someone to love,” I confused “something to look forward to” with something else I needed to do. I do have responsibilities, and one of them is to have Hope and to help others have it too. 

I finally have hope to offer because I finally have faith (real faith, not faux faith that was all talk) in the One it comes from.

In This Together, 

FYI: I’m blogging my book titled On The Other Side of Trying Hard: Healing, Happiness, and Holiness. Because the blog posts will eventually be an entire manuscript instead of stand-alone stories, some posts may leave you hanging. I hope you’ll hang in here with us anyway ‘cause a happy ending is coming. Each blog post title includes the chapter title first. The phrase in parentheses is one subheading within the chapter. I’d love to hear your reflections, questions, and suggestions. I’m over-the-top grateful you’re here.

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