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I’ve hiked the Grand Canyon and the Great Wall, ridden my yellow motorcycle across state lines, and given inspirational and professional talks to groups of women. I’m afraid of heights, pavement scrapes or worse, and public speaking. My husband and I bought a century-old money pit that, at first,our son and daughter hated. I’m afraid of making mistakes.

And now, I think I’m afraid of writing - scared of its candor, scared of failure as well as success, and scared that maybe I don’t have anything interesting to say. Or that I'll say too much. In spite of fear, I have fallen in love with words after being persuaded by family, friends and strangers who said, “You should write about that.” So, I have. I’ve written more than a hundred articles on home improvement projects including ones about our fixer-uppers. I’ve written hundreds more on anything and everything from South Carolina’s lake shorelines to a grandmother’s goodbye when she lost her grandson to SIDS.

So here we are, sharing well-written days. My hope for us throughout this write journey is - we accept we are right where we’re supposed to be, whether it’s canoeing in Maine, figuring out Facebook, or insulating the underside of a house - we learn on location and limit the tantrums even when we hate the lessons - mostly, we believe God’s plan has breathtaking views beyond our imagination.

My all-time favorite story is about Dolores. She was a hundred-year-old lady who looked confused when I asked how she got to the senior center for our interveiw and said, "I drove." Dolores told me her secret to staying young was eating popcorn and she ended our interview early to play board games with her friends. She said, “Thank you. This has been fun, but I think we’re finished.”