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  • This Old House magazine
  • Focus on the Family Clubhouse
  • LifeWay Living with Teenagers
  • LifeWay Mature Living
  • At Home in the Upstate
  • E Nation! World Wide
  • Greenville Journal
  • Anderson Journal
  • Spartanburg Journal
  • DogLiving magazine
  • Coastal Business Life
  • South Carolina Woman
  • South Carolina Living
  • GRAND Magazine
  • KNOWN magazine
  • Susie Magazine
  • AreaRugs.com
  • Networx.com
  • ThirdAge.com
  • CalFinder.com
  • SheKnows.com
  • TheDailyGreen.com
  • BestofRemodeling.com
  • ClutterControlFreak .com
  • GrandStrandHappening.com
  • TheResidentialSolarBlog.com
  • Jeff Goins' Wrecked Blog, guest post
  • HomeConstruction&Improvement.com, guest post
  • MSN.com, syndicated post from TheDailyGreen.com
  • Upstate Foodie Guide: Inspiration for Food Enthusiasts

Kim wrote 3 of CalFinder’s five most popular posts
From December 2009 to March 2010

Area Rugs with a Purpose
The Best in Creative Kitchen Island Designs
Cool & Cozy Live/ Work Spaces

What editors and writers are saying

Lyn said,
“I love it that you are pitching stories (good ones) like crazy. You're the first freelancer I’ve worked with who has the talent, curiosity and persistence to make a living at this.”

”This (article pitched to This Old House magazine) is excellent. Interesting. Lively. Lots of humor and personality. I hope they think so too. I loved it.”

Lyn Riddle is Editor of the Greenville and Spartanburg Journals and freelancer for name brands like The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Newsweek and Readers Digest, www.lynriddle.com

Michelle said,
“Kim, I love your article. I was so moved—I mean “tears in my eyes” moved because it’s exactly what every mom of teens wants—coffee shop moments. OK, I think you’re onto something…Anyway, yes, I love it and I think the editor will love it, too. Celebrate!!! Michelle

Michelle Medlock Adams is the author of dozens of books and thousands of articles in publications like Writer’s Digest, HomeLife and Guideposts for Kids, www.michellemedlockadams.com

Rene said,
“I had a chance to read the article this week. I'm very pleased! Thanks so much for your work and I'll look forward to doing another article in the future.”

Rene Holt is the Editor of LifeWay's Mature Living.

What readers are saying

Comment on http://www.calfinder.com/blog/landscaping/check-your-curb-appeal-7-tips-for-marketable-exteriors/
Sean said,
“Great tips….Once again, one of the best posts on the subject with amazing photos.”

Comment on http://www.calfinder.com/blog/kitchen-remodel/big-list-of-kitchen-remodel-no-no%e2%80%99s/
Steubenville Construction said,
“Thank you for this article. I am going to use it to create a checklist to work through projects for my customers.”

Comments on Greenville Journal article, The Broads, a women’s motorcycle group
Joe Thaler of Greenville said,
“The Broads are so excited about the article. We all are… Raising the public's awareness can help the safety aspect. Looking forward to more of your articles - on whatever.”

Carla Zust, The Broads founder, said,
“You're always welcome to join us in whatever we're planning and like it or not, we've made you an "Honorary Beemer Broad."

Comments on Spartanburg Journal article, Converse Shoe Parlor, a story of a cobbler shop
Steve Smith, Converse Shoe Parlor’s owner, said,
“Kim, it was a great article! Alex said 6 people came in yesterday and said they had seen it. Thanks.”

“Thank you again for the time and effort to write such a descriptive and amazing article which has certainly given Alex and me inspiration…”