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You’ve made it to the blog of S. Kim Henson: Getting Your Own Life while Loving the People in It. I’m over-the-top honored and happy to have you here.

I am an award-winning writer and an inspirational speaker. I’ve been published hundreds of times in dozens of regional and national publications.

As of today (January 2, 2016), I’m narrowing the focus of my writing, specifically my blog posts. I haven’t had the courage until now to write solely and soulfully about Getting A Life in the midst of Relationships.

The reason? My love affairs with others have left me too busy, too sad, too excited, too involved, too afraid, too distracted, or too tired to pay attention to me. I’m finding a lot of my readers relate. Some of you have asked for more relationship talk. I wish I could have offered this up sooner. I hope I can follow through now.

From now on, the focus of my posts will be Getting Your Own Life While Loving the People in It – #gettingyourownlife #whilelovingthepeopleinit and #selfcaringin2017.    

My Hope for you while you’re here is that you find …

  • a safe community,
  • support like I’ve already received from you, my readers,
  • and, most of all, my Hope for you is that you find encouragement to Get Your Own Life while loving the people in it. Sounds simple, but many times we say, “They are my life,” all the while knowing there is more to us than the people we’re married to, the people we’ve birthed and raised, and the people we call friends. Getting our own lives does not lessen our Love for these special people. In fact, living our own lives enhances Love. 

My website is under construction, but feel free to visit it if you’d like to read more. I’m on the Web at and on Facebook at S. Kim Henson. My personal page is Kim Henson.

All posts are copyrighted. I’m happy to share as long as you ask, then link to my blog. 

About Me 

I’m a Godfruit who wishes I could be as crazy about God as He is about me. I work at this almost every day. I’m recovering from being afraid of and angry with Him. I think He gets it. I know He loves me anyway.

I’m also a writer, ghostwriter, and speaker. I majored in psychology, counseling, and counselor education so I could feel important and okay about myself by helping others. It was more about a career of self-preservation than passion. I’m guessing you know how that panned out.

After lengthy and expensive training, a trusted friend advised me to steer clear of counseling others on their issues. “You have enough of your own,” she said. Thankfully, I listened to her.

My time in the desert has felt more like four hundred years than forty. If this blog makes any difference, though, it will have been time well spent. Writing helps me swap self-pity for service, although I’m sure I won’t do it perfectly. My hope is that my blog posts translate into how deeply I care about each of you who is a warrior for your family and friends – each of you who loves and reassures and fights for others, but who desperately needs to do the same for yourself. Our lives depend on loving and serving each other, but also on loving ourselves and honoring our purpose.

About My Love Affairs

My husband, John, and I have been married nearly 40 years. This deserves a paragraph of its own. We weren’t a match made in heaven, but we’re doing the footwork, making the changes, and praying our way there now.

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We have a son who recently married the love of his life and a daughter who did the same four years ago. When we are all together, we have a houseful of fur. We all have one or two licking and loving dogs who shed for us.

New to the scene are our grandchildren. Claire is a delight at two and a half. Wyatt smiles more than any nine-month-old I’ve ever seen.

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It’s true what the Irish blessing says, “Children are the rainbow of life. Grandchildren are the pot of gold.”

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