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Are You So Nice that You’re Unkind?

“In the world where you can be anything, be kind.” Unknown My husband John and I came into our marriage with very different ways to solve a problem, and we both thought our way was the kind one. I’m honest. I say whatever comes to mind that I think might help him understand why I’m upset. I figured he wanted to hear what I had to say because I...

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Are You So Nice that You’re Unkind?

Freedom to Feel Freely

“…you live with two calendars. One that keeps track of time, while the other stores emotional experiences.” Deborah Serani Today marks the 8thanniversary of my blog. I posted my first post, a funny story about the common sense of getting exercise titled “The Sense of Walking,” on July 4, 2010. My friend celebrates the anniversary of her birth...

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Freedom to Feel Freely

I Love Who I Am When I’m With You

“There’s only one thing more precious than our time and that’s who we spend it on.” Leo Christopher  In the past, I chose friends using the strangest set of guidelines: I let the other person decide if we were going to be friends no matter the circumstances, even the woman who liked my husband more than she liked me, a friend who criticized my...

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I Love Who I Am When I’m With You

Down the Drain with Praise and Criticism

“Praise and criticism go down the same drain.” Betty H. I cut my own hair and kept its natural color ever since I grayed early and changed to a short hairstyle. No one cut it like I wanted, so I gave up on finding a stylist and bought a set of clippers. I’ve never colored because I imagined it turning the shade of a carrot. Family, friends,...

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Anxiety Eats Creativity and Spits It Out Unless …

“Once you know the emotional building blocks of anxiety, you can influence them.” Chip Conley from his article, Mastering The Anxiety Equation: A Remedy for Fearful Times (link included at the end of this blog post) I googled “anxiety” and up popped a funny meme. A girl in a cape captioned, “Anxiety Girl … able to jump to the worst conclusion...

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Your Purpose, Your Burden

“What’s your purpose? The answer comes from what you’re willing to be burdened by.” Reverend Bruce Cote Early Sunday morning, this quote from the sermon sounded heavy. That was, until I jotted down, “It is an honor to be given a purpose.” I used to want my family to be happy, but now I want more for all of us. I want us burdened with a...

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When God Isn’t Good

“Live (and die) so that anyone who knows you knows God is good.” The night before we left to meet family for Christmas, my husband John and I drove 45 minutes to Pawleys Island (Pawleys for short), a community where we bought a creek lot this past summer. We wanted to decorate the property by hanging an ornament and putting spotlights on the...

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I write about Getting Your Own Life While Loving the People In It which means we live our lives, honor our emotions, and show up for our relationships.

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