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No Wonder: Head or Heart … which one decides?

“We bought this one because it felt right,” sounded like a lame explanation for why my husband and I downsized to a dilapidated fixer-upper instead of taking time to find more space at a lower price. Our friend looked confused, and no wonder. Our decision was far from...

Inside Job (are you talking about happiness?)

“I wish your parents visited more often. I like how you keep the house when they’re around,” said our daughter’s fiancé. When she told me about their conversation, she said, “I wish that also. It’s because I’m trying to impress you. I’m trying to convince you I’m...

Play on Saturday

Play on Saturday with Jeanie. It was an odd entry on my to-do list. The list that runs down the length of my desk. Onto the floor. Curls past my office door and into the hallway. It’s long. Just then, while thinking about the length of my list, I remembered that...

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