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Grow Up and Laugh at Yourself

I’m very grown up when it comes to laughing at myself. Just ask my husband. He often says, “You think you’re funny even when no one else does.” He’s right. I do. That was, until the day our son walked into the living room and said, “Wow, that looks like one sick...

Getting Shallow: Living Life by Force or by Fun

After a life of digging deep for answers and trying to figure everything out, I’m learning to lighten up a bit and take more breaks. I’m picturing myself going with the flow, and floating on top of the water instead of diving in head first (sometimes into an...

QTIP: Quit Taking it Personally

Quit taking it personally. Even popular blogger Seth Godin says “this is tough advice.” He follows up with, “Here’s the thing: it’s never personal. It’s never about you.” His reasoning goes like this: no one really knows us, they only know...

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