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C.J. Darlington with her book cover for “Thicker Than Blood”

C.J. Darlington’s first novel, Thicker Than Blood, won the 2008 Christian Writers Guild’s Operation First Novel contest.

Her second novel, Bound by Guilt, is set to release in February 2011.

She is the co-founder of the Christian entertainment website She makes her home in Pennsylvania. When she’s not writing, she’s reading. That is, when she’s not answering interview questions from bloggers like me.

C.J. graciously answered all twenty something of them, even though my in-house editor (my husband) said it was way too many. And if this isn’t enough info about C.J., there’s more on her blog and her website at

Are there any questions that haven’t been asked? Oh yeah, the silly ones.

If you were a cartoon character, who would you be? Of course, please tell us why on each one of these even though I didn’t ask it over and over.

Are there any cartoon characters who are hermits? I could be that. Sometimes there’s a bit of Eeyore in me, but I’d much rather be a character like Charlie Brown or Snoopy.

How about a car? Which one would you be? What kind of car do you drive? Any significance to choosing it? We had a car a while back named “Little Red” – chose it because my husband wanted to drive in a British sports car club.

Someday I would love to have a 70’s era pickup truck. I just love the look of those things, but it wouldn’t be very practical. I have no idea how they drive, and I’d want something with 4-wheel drive too. I grew up in the East, but I’m a western girl at heart. I love the American West, and an old pickup would fit perfectly with my dream of someday living out there on a place with lots of room to roam and a view of a beautiful mountain. Plus, if I ever own horse I could pull a horse trailer with a pickup.

My favorite obsession in the world – what kind of shoe would you be? I’m sure I’d buy and add you to my shoe collection.

Something simple yet durable. Either a worn cowboy boot, a pair of work boots, or some comfie Merrell hiking shoes. I’ve always loved getting dirty and spending time outdoors. I don’t mind spending extra on a pair of shoes if I know they’re going to last me for years.

I’m putting this under sillies because TV can be pretty nutty to watch these days. Do you have favorite shows?

Project Runway is a favorite, which surprises me because I am the last person to care about fashion shows, but I have a lot of fun watching the dynamics of all the designers. It’s fun to see what sort of crazy outfits they come up with too. Another one I enjoy watching is Dirty Jobs. The guy who hosts it (I forget his name) cracks me up. I love the cop shows too. Some old shows I enjoyed are Jericho, Earth 2, and Joan of Arcadia. The BBC version of Robin Hood is pretty good too so far, but I’ve only watched a few episodes of Season 1.

What about pets? Thankfully, I think God made them silly to help us lighten up. Tell us about yours – their names and any funny habits they have. Is cereal their weakness also?

My dogs definitely help me to lighten up. I love animals and have three dogs with my sister Tracy. Two are pure bred Whippets, the other is a Whippet mix. His name is Story. Quite appropriate, don’t you think? We also have a big cat named Cubby who spends his days sleeping under a lamp on the shelf above my computer. Unless he decides to come down and plop in front of my keyboard. Or stand in front of the monitor!

What book would you be? What was your favorite childhood book when you were five?

I loved the Richard Scarry books, anything by Robert Lawson but especially Rabbit Hill and The Fabulous Flight. There was this series I loved which included titles like Meet George Washington, Meet Abraham Lincoln and Meet the North American Indians. I would get those at the library almost every time we went.

Come again tomorrow and Wednesday for answers to questions like, “What does C.J. stand for?” I know, I am curious also.

Part 2, About her book and the art of writing

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