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“The world is all gates, all opportunities, strings of tension waiting to be struck.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Writing and waiting are spelled differently by only one letter, which I didn’t notice until the day I sloppily wrote “writing” in all caps on a wrinkled piece of paper. When I glanced back at the note, the R looked like an A.

Interesting, huh?

Maybe the better question if you’re a writer is “Frustrating, huh?”

Maybe the best question of all is “Why didn’t I pay more attention before I signed up for freelance writing?”

Doors have opened and slammed this year like wind flapping a broken shutter. I’ve told God a thing or two lately, especially about patience.

Mostly I’ve said “I have waited long enough.”

There was the well-known builder who contacted me to write for his blog. He forwarded the link to his online writing test. Once I passed, he never sent the first assignment.

A marketing company offered to fly me, along with other home improvement bloggers, to Indianapolis for Delta Faucet’s preview of new products. Details were vague and travel plans weren’t communicated until a week before the trip. By then, I had declined the invitation. A couple of months later, I read about the conference on someone else’s blog.

A national magazine asked for an article under speculation and showed interest in queries, but never responded in the eight weeks they said, or in the eight months since.

By mid-2010, I figured it was time to look elsewhere. I applied to clean a furniture store, work at the local technical college, return to a former job, write Santa letters. Those landed on the waiting list also, right along with the house we had for sale.

What I didn’t realize was God wasn’t giving me writing opportunities because he had something better in mind. Waiting opportunities. How could I ever thank him?

Life got you down? What do you think about growing up?

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – In the end, I did some of both (thanking and growing up). I thanked God since, even though my impatience overshadowed his love, he didn’t overlook me. The lesson in waiting did me good. I grew up a little because practicing patience typically matures a person whether we like it or not.

On the lighter side: Our daughter is planning an October wedding. We giggled when I mentioned I had grown up some and may be attending as mother-of-the-bride instead of flower girl.

I have something for you!


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