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“You get what you focus on.” Anthony Robbins

Lying on the beach this afternoon, I drifted to sleep in the warm breeze, to the backdrop of splashing waves and a flock of cawing seagulls.

That was, until she cackled.

I looked down the strand at the same woman who had been talking on her cell phone when I found my quiet spot.

Her voice didn’t sound intrusive while I flipped down the legs of my lounge chair and spread the towel. And not even that loud for the first half of my time laying out.

However, 30 minutes into her phone conversation she nearly drowned out the waves, bellowing like someone talking through a megaphone.

The more I listened, the noisier she got.

I wondered why she hadn’t bothered me till then. Perhaps it wasn’t that she was turning up the volume, maybe I tuned in.


Instead of winding down my stay, I concentrated on the surf. Like magic, the ocean sounds resumed.

Where’s your focus?

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – It matters where I place my focus, like Sir John Lubbock said, “What we see depends mainly on what we look for.”

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