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"For the past seven years, I’ve focused on one word for the year … it’s been life changing." Beth Vogt

“For the past seven years, I’ve focused on one word for the year … it’s been life changing.” Beth Vogt

Writer Edie Melson’s word for 2012 is also the title of her blog post “Clinging.”

Beth Vogt’s word for 2012 is trust. 

Beth also shared her previous six years’ words. They include gratitude, simplify, and content. When I read “content,” I thought about writing, but knew she was focusing on satisfaction. Forgiveness was her word two consecutive years. I related to her need for an advanced course in forgiving. Last year’s was hope.

In addition to Facebook friends, face-to-face friends were choosing words.

“My word this year is ‘no.’ No to stuff that doesn’t support my core values and priorities. And no to things that may be urgent, but are not necessarily important,” said my friend Peggy.

I’d managed to dismiss my word throughout January. Instead, I occupied my weeks with frenzied work and lack of sleep, followed by days of blank stares at Facebook’s newsfeed.

I finally decided “no more ignoring what needs attention.” 

Write wHere I’m supposed to be – I have a word for 2012 and I’m using it today. Any idea what mine might be?  Share yours also. I’d love to hear it.

On the side: Here’s an inspirational update on Beth’s word during the Waldo Canyon fire, near where she and her family live.

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