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“Know how to live the time that is given you.” Dario Fo

I like painting, but I figure I don’t have time since it’s with oil-based paint and the cleanup takes so long,” said my daughter. “If I can’t paint more than an hour, it isn’t worth it,”
“Oh, and did I mention I’m painting with oil-based paint?”
She was explaining away why she wasn’t painting even though I had no idea she had a painting project underway.
But then, no one has to question me either. Many times I spend more time justifying my inaction to people who didn’t ask than the project would take to complete.
I convince myself I don’t have enough time.
Of course, it’s propaganda. It’s also my primary excuse for not beginning an article, the pile of ironing, a blog post, yard work, website updates, grocery shopping, the list of errands, walking, exercise class, you name it.
“I don’t have enough time” sounds like I got cheated out of something.
I whine as if God gave you the extended 24-hour model while I’m stuck with the condensed version of a day.
Is time management your strength, or do your minutes and hours need straightening out?
WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – I feel frustrated writing this blog post because it’s difficult for me to take responsibility for every hour in the day. Suddenly, if I’m expected to manage each one, 24 sounds like a lot.

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