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“Divergence is the process of thinking broadly, of expanding one’s mind, of going places where one does not normally go.” Unknown (Artwork by Kelly Rae Roberts)

We think we voted right, but so do the millions who cast their ballot for the other candidate.

I wonder why we ignore the fact that the opposing party believes as adamantly as we do. They’re sure their contenders are intelligent, qualified and forthright. The same as we believe about our presidential team.

Several years ago an election went awry according to a friend.

“You have no idea how upset I am. I’m thinking of moving out of the country,” she said.

No, I couldn’t relate to how she felt that election year. However, I bet it was similar to how I felt four years prior when the votes swung in her party’s favor.

But swing it must.

It took me a while to accept divergence is necessary. Opponents come to the table with a different perspective. Opponents offer up varied issues.

Opponents, like opposites, create balance.

Mountains. Valleys.

Joy. Sadness.

Salt. Sugar.

If one party dominates, we risk overspending on military programs. If the opposing party rules, the concern is excessive spending on social programs. I believe it’s no coincidence the two primary political parties in our country are close in number, balanced.

It seems God put the world together this way. What will we do when it doesn’t swing to our liking?     

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – I’m doing my best to accept (rather than be agitated by) the other political party, differing opinions, opposite-of-happy emotions. The list goes on.

On the side: I’m posting this before hearing election results. What I’ve written here is influenced by a strong desire to have my candidate win and an equally strong desire to feel okay in the morning if he doesn’t.

Good night, America.

Also on the side: Check out the website of artist Kelly Rae Roberts.

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