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The greatest message ever heard came from an empty tomb.” Unknown

While I walked this evening, I considered the stark contrast between how we celebrated last Easter and how we’ll celebrate in the morning. 

Last year, we drove through our former church’s parking lot to wave to our pastor, his wife, and a few other church members sitting in their cars. We visited a nearly empty local botanical and sculpture garden, sat alone on our neighborhood dock, and cooked at home since most restaurants closed at the start of the pandemic. 

This year, we’ll attend a church packed with people who I’m guessing will be as grateful, worshipful, and excited as I am to gather in person, hear live music, and listen to a sermon face-to-face.

I’m beyond thankful this season to have experienced my own resurrection. I have two notebooks full of life-changing experiences that happened because the world stopped, so I had to also. That’s when I slowed down to acknowledge that Jesus didn’t rise up for Himself, but to raise us up out of our dead places, … 

And, oh, how I needed that. 

And, oh, how He showed up and did it. 

Since returning to in-person church last May, I’ve been in church every single Sunday except the two I was traveling. Attending church is no longer an obligation, but an occasion to celebrate His empty tomb. Thank You, Jesus.  

Have a beautiful Resurrection Sunday.  

In This Together, 

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