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Mike Sullivan, Author of Necessary Heartbreak

Mike Sullivan, Author of Necessary Heartbreak

Mike Sullivan, the author of Necessary Heartbreak published by Simon & Schuster, interviewed with us a couple of months ago and is back to share some interesting, little known facts about his life. Thanks, Mike. We love it when you join our readers. For more, click here.

25 Things You Did Not Know About Me
By Mike Sullivan on Sunday, November 14

1. When I was 18 I felt my heart skip beats. For the next six years I complained to doctors that something was wrong. They kept telling me kids my age don’t have heart problems. Then, a doctor in New Jersey found an irregular heart beat. I’ve been on medication ever since. Since then, I’ve been skeptical about doctors.

2. My younger sister had a heart transplant at the age of 24. Someone dying gave her life for another 20 years, including giving birth to two boys. She passed away two years ago from cancer. I still talk to my younger sister when I’m down. I miss going to the Mets games with her (even though I am a Yankees fan). I rooted so hard for the Mets to get into the World Series a few years back because I had tickets. But we had some great one-on-one time. I can’t believe she’s gone.

3. I like soft, swirled ice cream. It’s my weakness.

4. I always had dreams that I would have two daughters. And I do. They are the sunshine in my life and the leading reasons why my hair has strands of gray. 🙂

5. I spend way too much time on the little mistakes I’ve made.

6. I’m not rich. I have lots of debt. LOL

7. I enjoyed serving at weddings when I was younger. I could spend my life going to these events. People are so happy.

8. I played the song “Badlands” over and over again when I was spending the last year in my father’s house.

9. I prefer to slow dance by a roaring fire with soft music on. I will be forever mushy.

10. I don’t like bothering people to buy my book. I would prefer to give it to you for free. I know it’s not possible to do it with everyone. It bothers me that I can’t do this.

11. I hate promoting/marketing my book, “Necessary Heartbreak: A Novel of Faith and Forgiveness.” See, how much I hate it! 🙂 Yes, this deserved a second reference.

12. I’m extremely grateful for the people who have entered into my life during this book journey. Many of you are tagged in this note, some are not. But I’ve been fortunate to have new friends for life. Your support is appreciated every day though I can’t keep posting it on your wall.

13. My smiling isn’t important to me. What is? To see you smile.

14. I like to hold parties for friends and family. I do so every holiday season.

15. I enjoy my alone time, whether it’s browsing in a bookstore, reflecting in a place of worship, or eating popcorn at the movies.

16. The first time I visited an airport, I witnessed a small plane crash. You can say it influenced me in the way I view flying.

17. I’m exhausted from explaining Necessary Heartbreak is the first of a trilogy and answers to questions come in the next book, The Greatest Christmas. It frustrates me to get a bad review due to this.

18. I’m more interested in becoming a great storyteller than dazzling a reader with my vocabulary.

19. I’ve been caught speeding three times in North Carolina. What is it with that state?

20.  My brother works for the FBI. So I make all my phone calls at payphones.

21. Kidding about number 20. There are no payphones available anyway.

22. There are many I’ve met here on FB that I wished lived closer to me. It would be a great day to have lunch, go to a movie or take a walk through a bookstore.

23. I was hit by a car at the age of 14, dragged for a block and dumped off the hood. The driver was never caught but there had to be an angel protecting me on my fall.

24. The easiest way for me to express myself is through writing. There are no walls surrounding my notebook and pen.

25. I’ve learned that reading a book is a subjective experience and it’s an honor that someone takes time to read your material. Through this experience, I have heard from so many people who have told me about their challenges. What I’ve realized is I’m very lucky. And never forget I’m here thinking about you, praying your day brightens.

Check out this LINK to Mike’s story on The Huffington Post about how he found Jesus.

Also, Necessary Heartbreak was named on the 2010 Best of Christian Fiction list by Library

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