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“One of the good things about the blues is their power to make me feel better.”

Subject: Never Blue for Thanksgiving

I wrote this note in the subject line of the email. It was a reminder to our kids of the establishment’s name where we made reservations for Thanksgiving Day.

The Never Blue, a tapas restaurant in Hendersonville, N.C., served a spread on their holiday buffet that nearly stretched from wall to wall inside the historic building. There were more than 30 meal items from which to choose, and desserts were plenteous.

I wish I had asked the origin of the restaurant’s name. Since I didn’t, I guessed.

Maybe the owner committed to never being blue when she started passionately working as a chef.

Maybe preparing food for others drives gloomy thoughts away.

Maybe, since the theme is oceany and there’s a fountain, the name describes ocean water that is never really blue, but more bluish and aqua and gray all mixed together.

No matter the meaning, if only “never blue” could come true for all of us, for every holiday.

The reality is, sometimes holidays are the hardest times. For a wife spending her first holiday without a husband. A family who received a dreaded phone call. A friend in emotional or physical pain.

There’s no way to be never blue, so what helps when you’re feeling down?

The Never Blue
Hendersonville, N.C.


WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – Never blue is unrealistic, and pain serves up a life of purpose. But it never hurts to hope, and to aim for gratitude no matter the menu.

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