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“The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth will ever be.” Konrad Lorenz

If there’s such a thing as a furry soul mate, Savannah is mine.

She’s a mixed black lab with pretty mismatched eyes, and she belongs to our daughter and her fiancé.

At first I missed this whole bonding thing we had going on. In fact, Savannah aggravated me a lot of the time.

She wants to be around people. All the time.

She wants attention. In big portions.

She wants love. Lots of it.

However, Savannah isn’t pushy like Tanner, their other lab mix who gets into staring contests to get his way. 

Savannah is subtle, giving quick walk-by licks unless I tell her “no.” In that case, she buries the top of her head into my leg. If I won’t let her bury, she mumbles something about “Is it so wrong to want a little love?”

She’s also the opposite of Tanner as far as hanging around. Tanner is usually off snoring in his sleeping bag or curled up in a chair he knows is off limits, but he goes there anyway. Savannah, on the other hand, lies on my shoes so she’ll know when I get up. That way she can lick me before she follows me into the next room and back again.

Told you! A photo from Christmas 2012, a year after writing this post.

Told you! A photo from Christmas 2012, two years after writing this post.

With all her idiosyncrasies, I’m not sure when I fell so deeply in love with her, but I did.

She and Tanner are like me and my brother when we were younger. My brother left the house and did whatever he did. As for me? I was home, lying on Mom’s feet. Not literally, but I was noticeably around.

I wanted to be near Mom. I tried to figure out ways to make her love me. I wanted her attention, and I talked non-stop to get it. So much so that I’m sure I was annoying.

Not much has changed since I’ve moved away from home except I’m older, I matured a little, and I’ve transferred my affection-seeking to my husband. Also, I’m a bit more accepting of personalities like mine and Savannah’s.

Aren’t pets the best for teaching us about ourselves? And about love? What have you learned from yours?

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – Savannah’s used-to-be annoying traits are now her endearing ones, as are mine. After all, love and attention are okay to want, true?

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