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"What we say matters." Judith Hanson Lasater

“What we say matters.” Judith Hanson Lasater

“Casually priced” merchandise was advertised at a chain store I occasionally shop.

I wondered if “casually priced” meant the merchandising department no longer put much thought into their prices?

Or did it mean a more expensive price tag because they’ve grown less concerned about customer satisfaction?

Or were their costs actually being lowered?

When I think casual, I think sporty clothing and an easy-to-style hairdo. A comfy decorating style. Even a relaxed night out with friends.

But companies, in my customer-ly opinion, should steer clear of advertising a laid-back approach to pricing when I’m the one paying. Their marketing may leave me wondering who is getting the deal, me or them.

Of course, I knew the point of their ad. It’s just the word “casual” seemed all wrong.

How much value do you put on words? On saying and hearing the right ones at the right time?

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – Words matter in the business world, and even more so in our homes and around a table with friends. I want to consider my words before I blurt out casual nonsense.

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