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“There may be a thousand little choices in a day. All of them count.”

“There may be a thousand little choices in a day. All of them count.” Shad Helmstetter (Artwork by Kelly Rae Roberts)

“He ruined his life.” Mom made that comment about a lot of people over the years.

It sounded so permanent that it scared me. It also made me wonder what choices were severe enough to ruin a person’s life.

Determined not to make one, I didn’t have sex until we married. I never smoked, cursed very little, and also waited for marriage to drink, even though I didn’t do much of that either.

My husband wasn’t responsible for me turning to bad habits. He just helped me relax a bit, probably because he didn’t know about ruined lives. And really, neither did I. No one I knew seemed to have one, although there were plenty of people who acted perpetually unhappy.

But their unhappiness never seemed based on only one decision.

A friend finally cleared the confusion – she said it in a way that made sense. Her father, in the hospital and not expected to live, asked how he got to where he was – miserable, bitter and friendless.

Here’s her answer.

“All I could tell him was, ‘Dad, it was a series of bad choices.'” 

What’s been your experience with choices?

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – Although it is true, one decision may change our life’s direction, I couldn’t imagine God designing the world so that one decision bankrupted a life forever. However, a series of ones, bad or good, have the potential to break or make us. Choices, choices.

On the side: Click here and enjoy more artwork by Kelly Rae Roberts.

Zig Ziglar says “Every choice you make has an end result.”

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