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“You can’t love and control at the same time.” S. Kim Henson

Have you ever noticed when you try to force others to do what you want, they tend to fight, take flight, or rebel?

My husband and I learned plenty about this when raising two teenagers at the same time. No matter what age, though, I think most of us react similarly.

I have trouble breathing when I’m around people who have a determined agenda. I feel a bit like a loaded cannon when others start packing their opinions. Sounds melodramatic, but not overstated thinking back about willful characters from my past.

Forced ideas backfire because under all that pressure, who can keep from exploding?

And if by chance a person does give in, it’s out of being railroaded, not respect.

What makes you go off in a relationship?

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – Choices, not chains, move us closer to what we want. God, help us remember you gave free will, so who are we to be so demanding?

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