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“Every time you let go of something limiting, you create space for something better.” Stephen C. Paul (Photo by Sally Taylor)

I was born a Girl Scout.

It’s been second nature to live by the organization’s motto “Be prepared.”

I have a Plan B and C and D, as well as an emergency plan. I’ve made responsible decisions as far back as I can remember.

That’s why I ignored recurring thoughts about canceling my certification as a Zumba Fitness Instructor. Why? You got it. It’s my financial backup plan, just in case.

Just like in the past when I turned in job applications to places I didn’t want to work, just in case I didn’t get the job I did want.

And I stored furniture and kept clothing I wanted to give away, just in case I couldn’t afford to buy new.

I can list example after example of times I was too afraid to let go, but labeled it being responsible.

When the place I taught Zumba Fitness closed its doors, I knew I didn’t want to teach any longer. Instead of regarding that, I spent hours and days inquiring about the half a dozen Zumba Fitness opportunities in my inbox. I sent emails, dropped off applications, and interviewed at a couple of fitness centers.

I was afraid to admit I only wanted one plan, to write full time.

It took a while, but eight months ago I stopped turning in job applications other than ones for writing. I gave away all the furniture in storage. For the first time ever, the only clothes in my closet are ones I wear.

That leaves cancelling my certification, which I’m doing this week.

I’m tired of saying, “Just in case God isn’t trustworthy, just in case I need to do it on my own, just in case the dream He gave me doesn’t work out …”

Are your backup plans grounded, or simply a reaction to fear?

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – Long ago, when I started on this writing path, I asked an artist friend for the best advice she could give. She said, “Don’t compromise and give into the belief that writing may not work out. Work at it like it’s all you’ve got, like it has to work, and it will.”

On the side: A big thanks to friend, fellow Troop 84 member, and photographer Sally Taylor of Charleston, S.C. Sally was gracious in granting permission to use her photo of badges from our days in Girl Scouts.

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