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“Eat a small toad in the morning, and it will be the worse thing you do all day.” Art Fettig

What better way to celebrate leap day than a story about eating frogs?

Plus, chomping down on our greens first thing makes it okay to eat lots of desserts. Okay, I just made up that part because I will work for sugar.

The original Eat That Frog! post explains the concept behind the book Eat That Frog!

In a nutshell, eating that frog means we begin our day by doing the one or two things we would typically procrastinate over.

The practice of frog-eating, no matter how unpleasant, is usually necessary to making our days as productive as can be. It is a positive change in attitude and action.

Author Brian Tracy says eating the frog early makes for a sweeter rest-of-the-day.

But how much sweeter still is justification?

I listened to a friend talk about procrastinating and finding all sorts of additional creative projects besides making wine lights, which she sells at art shows for her livelihood. I thought, “If my ‘frog’ was wine lights, I’d have no problem getting to work.”

Oh, really? “Woe is me” that my frog is writing? I’ll want to address why (when I figure it out) we choose procrastination over our dreams.

For now, we’re making a diet plan.

I’m an advocate that we begin this very minute, since it’s leap day and we have extra time.

Are you with me?

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – When I eat the frog first thing in the morning, it works. For me, “works” means my minutes and hours seem longer, I feel accomplished as well as liberated. The remainder of my day, after the frog, I relax into projects that are more start-and-finish friendly.

On the side: Watch Eat That Frog! YouTube here.

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