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Whose Legacy Are You Living?

Earlier in the week, I pulled this message from a fortune cookie: “You will become a great philanthropist in your later years. ” Since those years are fast approaching, I felt encouraged when my friend Diane invited me to a conference sponsored by Women in...

Laugh It Off (a silly Post-it)

After writing about depression and grief, the Newtown tragedy, and living the life we’re afraid of as described in Jeff Goins’ book Wrecked, I need a laugh and maybe you do also. I mean, I could go on writing about depression until you’re reading “Depression, part 113...

We Need To Talk (depression, part 5 of 5)

I could see our story on the Six O’Clock News. Woman arrested for beating husband with a plastic food cover. While police dragged wife from the scene, she screamed over and over, “Spaghetti sauce stains.” Police are looking for clues into the crime. And maybe you...

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