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“We live in a sowing and reaping world.”  Dave Ramsey

“We live in a sowing and reaping world.”
Dave Ramsey

No matter what we do, there are consequences.

I’ve been aware for a while about how our decisions add up to the kind of life we live, but I’m not sure I realized the magnitude of every single action until I noticed my husband’s holey T-shirts. Last time I did the laundry, it just so happened that every one of his shirts that I hung up had a hole under the left arm.

I came up with all sorts of theories to make sense of the holes.

Maybe we had a giant moth that hung around the backside of the closet, never coming around front to eat the opposite underarm. Maybe my husband had a fungus under one arm that ate away at cotton. Maybe something he did at work caused one side of his shirt to rip along the seam, like he raised his left arm higher than the right.

It wasn’t until I was running by him the ridiculous reasons I came up with that I noticed him scratch under his left arm. A minute or two later, he did it again. Then, he did it again.

He had complained about the holes for as long as I could remember, but he hadn’t figured out the cause and I hadn’t paid much attention until that laundry day.

It just so happened, holey T-shirts were the consequence of all that scratching.

What habits do you practice that are going unnoticed and causing problems along the way?

WRite wHere I’m supposed to be – Holey T-shirts offered a holy lesson – actions matter and, left unattended, they can mess up things.

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