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Susannah and her husband ... told you she's sassy.

Susannah and her husband … told you she’s sassy.

Susannah Friis, how did we hook up anyway? However it happened, I couldn’t be happier to share blogging space with you, my special (and sassy) Aussie friend and encourager. Check out Susannah’s blog at Personally Speaking.

Susannah sent 10 questions to be answered (I figured what better day to post than on my birthday … yep, it’s my birthday!), as well as sending the challenge to pass along the same to other bloggers.

My list of friends who have bolstered, comforted and entertained me along my scribbling path is too long to choose from, so I’m asking any of you who want to answer these questions to do so here or leave a link to your blog where you’ve posted. Thank you all for your friendship and thank you, Susannah, for this opportunity.

Best decision you ever made?

The best decisions I ever made were to have our son and daughter. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without their examples for living and loving.

Worst decision you ever made?

Even though I’ve made lots of mistakes, I have few regrets because I know I couldn’t have done anything different until I knew better. All that said, I do wish I had stayed home with my kids while they were young, especially now that I’m watching our daughter with her daughter. It’s bittersweet.

My husband taking me out for my birthday. Yes, we're older now so we need good directions.

My husband taking me out for my birthday. Yes, we’re older now so we need good directions.

Your greatest weakness?

My greatest weakness has always been self-doubt.

Your greatest strength?

Out of our weakness comes strength, so I’d say compassion for those who struggle is likely my greatest strength because of how much I’ve struggled with self-doubt.

Most influential person you’ve had in your life?

I can’t choose only one person. Mine come as a group since I wouldn’t have had one without the others. The most influential people in my life are my husband, my kids and Betty, an older woman who saved our marriage and mentored me through raising our kids and helped keep them alive (kind of a joke, kind of not). I know, a pretty amazing tribute to her, right?

Most influential person you’ve never met?

My husband and I ate dinner with Jerry B. Jenkins and his wife (just the four of us) at a writing conference when someone forgot to set the table for Jerry as the keynote speaker.

And now to answer the actual question since my husband/editor pointed out I answered the wrong one. Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, comes to mind as the most influential person I’ve never met Her book has had a profound effect on my life. I’d love for someone to say the same thing one day about a book I write. Thanks for writing well, Julia.

Your greatest passion (and you can’t say your spouse – that’s given!)?

Spending time with family is also a given, so I’d say my greatest passion is writing. Amazingly, I’m also thinking I might want to explore a career in speaking, but, for now, that is only a thought … nothing in the works.

Here's the stream we bought.

Here’s the stream we bought.

Best purchase you ever made?

The best purchase we ever made was our mountain house that is located right beside a mountain stream. It’s the most peaceful place on the planet and we got it for a bargain. My husband said “No way” we’d ever find a place on water for anywhere near $100,000, the limit I set on our spending. We bought our fixer upper for $65,000.

Worst purchase you ever made?

The worst purchase was probably our 1971 TR6 because we never drove it, although, I have to say, it looked good sitting out in front of our house. We smelled like gas every time we got out of it since fumes backed into the car. However, we didn’t lose a dime on it. We sold it for more than we paid for it even though the buyer knew it was stinky.

What does success look like to you?

Being content where I am and with what I have. Contentment is my word for 2014, so I’ll know more about it in a year from now. Until then, I’m practicing being happy right where I am.

Thanks again, Susannah.

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