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“They say time heals all wounds.” Unknown

While I waited for time to work its magic, I did some searching on my own. I went to counseling for two decades, attended weekly Al-Anon meetings for a long time, read self-help books, sat in church on Sundays, and signed up for too many weird workshops like the one where I rebirthed myself. Don’t ask. 

Time went forward, but it felt like healing reversed. As grateful as I was for the things that helped for a little while, I felt worse, not better. So, when I stumbled onto Harriet Deison’s story, it scared me. 

Harriet, a 65-year-old pastor’s wife, mother of two, and grandmother of eight, drove her Lexus across town in Texas a few days after Christmas, bought a gun, and shot herself. Seemingly, she had it all – a long marriage, a big family, a church where she served, beauty, and money. 

She also had time on her side, six decades of it, but “they,” the writers of the quote (it’s attributed to several), were wrong. Time didn’t heal her.

I bring up Harriet sometimes because of the impact her suicide had on my life. I don’t understand how someone like her ended up in so much pain that she killed herself, but I relate. I don’t understand how I ended up in that kind of pain either. 

I scrolled more articles and more quotes. “Laughter heals,” and so does poetry, acceptance, and dancing, to name a few more. I know people who would add material things to the list like big bank accounts, status symbol cars, and the right house in the right neighborhood. I gave up on them early on.

I googled “What’s the number one thing that heals?” and “Who is the number one healer?” The search came up with fruits and vegetables, energy healers, shaman, and more than a dozen articles about healing our physical bodies. There was one story about Jesus on the third page. 

When the world shut down last March, the church across the street reopened first. I attended because no place else would let me in. It never occurred to me I’d hear my answer even though I finally was desperate enough to listen. 

“‘Time heals all wounds’ is a lie straight from hell. Time heals nothing.” 

“Here is what does heal …” 

“Time with Jesus heals.”

My answer and your answer and the answer for a thousand generations … 

In This Together,

The Jesus quote is from a sermon by Pastor JP Miller at Solid Rock at Market Common in Myrtle Beach, SC. His sermons (I promise they’re worth the search and the time to listen) are on YouTube and on the church’s Facebook page.

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