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“For you will certainly carry out God’s purpose, however you act, but it makes a difference to you whether you serve like Judas or like John.” C.S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain

While thumbing through a book today, I ran across a story that illustrated yesterday’s blog post – do the hard thing, do the right thing.  

A runner typically took the easier path especially after a stressful workday. However, this particular evening, something inside of him said, “Go to the right.” He knew from experience that going in that direction led up a steep hill. Instead of dismissing the nudge like he’d done before, he gave in and ran the right path. 

When he reached the top, he faced a sunset so spectacular it took away his breath. He said, “I stood still and cried.”  

My face was wet with tears thinking about how many moments I’ve missed by dismissing the Right Thing. I think battling to do the right thing is everyone’s fight here on earth – good versus evil, light versus darkness, love versus fear, serving like John versus serving like Judas. 

And, for me during the last decade, purpose versus procrastination, as well as the consequences my struggle has had on everything and everyone around me. 

I don’t see my grandchildren who live two hours away often enough because I’ve let myself become a hostage to my writing. I stay home and near my laptop in case inspiration strikes instead of being inspired by a schedule, then being free to enjoy family and friends. 

I don’t suggest my daughter and I meet halfway for lunch like I envisioned I would when she moved closer. I don’t entertain visiting my son and his family. I don’t spontaneously take daytrips like I used to because I can’t enjoy anything fully when I’m not fully doing the Right Thing.

Jesus wants us to fulfill our destinies and enjoy full relationships – the two most important commandments. Fulfilling my destiny demonstrates how much I love Him. Having full relationships demonstrates how much I love people. 

Doing the Right Thing, which is the thing He’s called us to do, makes it all possible.  

As much as I’d like to wrap up this blog post neatly, I’m struggling to do the right thing right now and write every day. I’m so grateful you’re here to encourage me and each other with your courage and comments. 

In This Together, 

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