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“America cannot be won by riots in the streets or war. America will be won or lost in the living rooms of our families and the pulpits of our churches.” Dr. Marshall Foster in his book The American Covenant: The Untold Story

Kirk Cameron’s nightly American Campfire Revival is based on Dr. Foster’s book. Tonight, on our 48th day together of Kirk’s 100-day plan, he read the quote above and called it chilling. I got chills too.

“I don’t think we will hear a more profound truth for the rest of our lives,” he said. 

Dad and Mom hold the most powerful role in the country for beginning a revival – not the president or government or schools or even churches. Home is where revival starts. 

Next time our adult children and their spouses question their purpose, remind them it’s to begin a revival. That means praying, reading their Bibles, falling more in love with Jesus, and teaching their children these things too. 

It means I do all of these things also because I’m a mom, so revival starts with me. 

Pastors are next. Godly leadership is why the church across the street opened its doors mid-May last year in the midst of a pandemic. I planned to attend just until my church reopened, but three months later I joined their revival. 

CAIN, a relatively new Christian band, performed in our open field and then during our worship services last weekend. We had hundreds in attendance. The brother and two sisters trio will open the rest of 2021 for well-known Christian music artist Zach Williams. I’m adding a link to one of their songs because what better way to wind down a message about revival than with “Revival” by CAIN

Dear Jesus, we desperately need a revival in our country. We know it begins in our homes and churches, with moms and dads and preachers, because you told us so last night. Set us free and set us on fire to be world revivers for You. Amen. 

In This Together,

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