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“Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.” Robert H. Schuller

Murphy’s law, “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong,” kicks in the moment we pledge to live our purpose. 

For years, I randomly posted blog posts with nearly no problems. Twenty-four days ago I committed to writing and posting 100 consecutive blog posts and I’ve had nothing but problems … I mean, guidelines. 

Since my pledge, I accidentally deleted one of my blog’s pages. I saved a post over my homepage trying to deal with the glitches on my site. 

The house we planned to move into fell through, so I wrote for about a week wondering where I’d live by the time I got to day 50 of my 100-day plan.  

The “e” stopped working on my keyboard. It was funny until it was time to write my blog post. 

And last night, the link on my website to “add new post” came up blank. I signed out and back in three times, rebooted twice, googled solutions, and finally contacted my tech person.   

I could be convinced the devil masquerades as Murphy. However, too many times I attribute my problems wrongly. They may be guidelines straight from God. He tests us to teach us and to try us. A test gives each of us the occasion to prove ourselves to us and to Him. I have an opportunity to keep writing no matter what, to trust myself with my purpose, and to be rewarded because that’s what God does when we obey – He blesses us.  

In the sermon titled “Pass the Test,” Pastor JP said, “Satan tempts us to fail. Jesus tests us to be promoted.” 

Here’s to turning our tests into testimonies. Are you with me?

In This Together, 

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