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“The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.” Paul Coelho

On day 47 of my 100-day plan, I posted “You Have One Job.” The blog post is about living our purpose, which is love God, love people. 

A friend commented that he and his family discussed ways to share Jesus without being preachy, intrusive, and judgmental. 

I question best practices too. I remember being turned off by pushy family and friends who spoke with great authority. They knew what others and I should do. “You should let go and let God.” “You should read your Bible.” “You should be grateful.”   

Their advice wasn’t the problem. Their example was. 

Just like my example is a problem when I lose sight of my purpose. When I think it’s about telling others how they should live, I’ve crossed over from loving people to trying to control them. When I have something for everyone whether it be advice, my opinion, or a list of you shoulds, I’m not living Jesus’ example. 

The opposite is also true. The more I focus on Him and His example, the less opinions I give. I’m better at my one job – love God and love people – when I shut up and serve. 

Jesus’s example looks like dropping off a meal at their door. Sending an encouraging card. Offering to pray for them and really praying.  

If we do talk, I’ve found it’s most helpful to hear people’s stories, not their opinions about how we should live our stories. We share what worked for us – our experience, strength, and hope. Then we all figure out how to apply those stories to our own lives. That’s how Jesus told His parables, out of love, not control.  

Dear Jesus, help us to live by Your example of Love. Amen.  

In This Together,

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